What to Write in a Research Paper on Domestic Violence in India

One of the biggest problems students have in writing a research paper on the domestic violence that occurs in high numbers in the country of India is in knowing precisely what to write about. You’re given a broad subject but can’t come up with a more precise topic.

Choose a topic that isn’t too narrow or too broad

Students often make a research paper too difficult to handle when they don’t successfully choose a manageable topic to focus on. It’s a good idea to imagine your topic sitting on a sliding scale: to the left and your topic may be too narrow to find enough resource material; to the right and your topic may be too broad to successfully explore a topic in-depth. In figuring out where you fall within the scale, you should conduct some simple background research to find available resources. Use this information to choose a topic that falls somewhere in between the two sides.

Choose a research topic that is of interest to you

It’s a lot easier to work on a topic that you are already interested. Readers often find your work to be more enjoyable when your writing comes off as enthusiastic and committed to the topic. With this being said, you should select a topic that has piqued your interest before – perhaps something from prior course readings or some questions you would like to see answered before class’s end.

Brainstorm several ideas for things you would like to learn more about the domestic violence issue in India. Mypaperwriter.com can help you a lot, if you don’t find here a good idea.

Suggestions for great domestic violence in India topics

  • How have domestic violence policies changed in recent years as a result of greater international awareness and media coverage?
  • In cases of international involvement regarding domestic violence in India, how far are nations willing to step over the bounds of India’s sovereignty?
  • How much do religious beliefs and cultural customs play into the prevalence of domestic violence even in today’s homogenous world?
  • Should the international organizations working towards human rights issues, such as NATO, intervene in cases of domestic violence in India?
  • What are the necessary steps to reduce the amount of domestic violence cases that are left unheard by local governments?

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